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Nadia Marzouki and Hamza Meddeb


Tunisia: Democratic Miracle or Mirage?


Since December 2014, Western officials and analysts have very actively, almost aggressively, celebrated the Tunisian “success,” which is alternatively defined as an “exception” or a “model” in a chaotic Arab world. Following the Tunisian president’s official visit to France in April 2015, Beji Caid Essebi’s visit to the United States on 20-21 May 2015, completed the Western consecration of Tunisia’s induction into the “club of democracies.” The current fascination with ...

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Nadia Marzouki and Hamza Meddeb


Nadia Marzouki is a Chargée de recherche at the CNRS (CESPRA) in Paris, and is part of the ERC research project ReligioWest (EUI, Florence). Her research examines current controversies about Islam in the West and debates about religious freedom and political compromise in North Africa.

Hamza Meddeb is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where his research focuses on economic reform as well as the political economy of conflicts and border insecurity across the Middle East and North Africa.