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Shahenda Suliman


Nobody Leaves through the Ballot Box: The Historical Irrelevance of General Elections in Sudanese Political Transitions

[Map by UN Department of Field Support – Cartographic Section via

In almost sixty years of independence, Sudan has witnessed a dozen heads of state come and go and countless presidential and parliamentary elections. Of these presidents and prime ministers, less than a handful was voted into office and not a single one has been voted out. With the current elections widely seen as a farce, a foregone conclusion with Omar al-Bashir set to win and many Sudanese people shifting between apathy and antipathy towards the process, a spotlight has ...

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Shahenda Suliman


Shahenda Suliman currently works at the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) to strengthen access and use of research. Her independent research focuses on the labour movement in Sudan, conflict, and forced migration.