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Hicham Tiflati


Muslims in Quebec, Belonging to an Intercultural Society: An Interview with Charles Taylor

[Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor giving a lecture at the New School University in 2007. Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

Hicham Tiflati (HT): In my research on identity formation and the sense of belonging of young Muslims in Quebec, I have been finding that most of my participants deny their Quebecness and insist on being only Canadians. However, some of them cannot be anything else but Québécois because of the visible Quebecness in their character. Moreover, most of them are caught between Quebecness and Canadianness. Whether it is true or not, they believe that multicultural English Canada ...

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Hicham Tiflati


Hicham Tiflati is an Islamic studies instructor and a doctoral candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Quebec at Montreal. His dissertation is an interdisciplinary examination of Islamic schooling and identity construction in the West. He has academic and teaching interests in topics such as postcolonial identities, integration, citizenship, and the role of religious education (re)shaping identity.