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Bryony Dunne and Elle Kurancid


Snapshot: Palestinian Olive Trees

[Olive tree, Burqin, north Palestine, 2 July 2015. Photo by Bryony Dunne.]

Text by Elle Kurancid, photos by Bryony Dunne. Olive tree felling is a longtime strategy of Israel’s occupation regime in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since 1967, an estimated 800,000 Palestinian olive trees have been destroyed by Israeli authorities and settlers. In February 2015, Irish-born filmmaker and photographer Bryony Dunne traveled across the West Bank and encountered evidentiary support for such activity (in tree stumps and civilian stories). Over the course of ...

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Bryony Dunne and Elle Kurancid

Elle Kurancid
is an independent writer from Canada, currently based in Egypt. She has covered political speech and rhetoric for Truthout, Earth Island Journal, Reader Supported News, and VICE News.

Bryony Dunne is an independent filmmaker and photographer from Ireland, currently based in Egypt. Her work engages anthropology, sociology, ecology, and visual art, as she explores concepts of intangible cultural heritage and the evolution of cultivation. The Orchard Keepers, her first film, has been screened at over twenty international film festivals and art spaces with a recent first prize award at Ethno Film in Rovinj, Croatia. She is currently working on two short films, both based in Egypt, and holds a position teaching photography at the German University in Cairo.