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April Longley Alley

Quick Thoughts: April Longley Alley on the Yemen Conflict

[In late March 2015, a coalition of states led by Saudi Arabia initiated a military campaign against Yemen consisting of intensive air raids, the arming of local allies and a de facto naval and air blockade of the country. Initially termed Operation Decisive Storm but since renamed Operation Restore Hope, it continues to this day. Riyadh identified the recent territorial gains of Yemen’s Houthi movement, and the ouster of President Abd-Rabbu Mansur Hadi and his government, ...

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April Longley Alley is the Senior Arabian Peninsula Analyst for the International Crisis Group. She holds a MA in Arab Studies and a PhD in Government from Georgetown University. A former Fulbright fellow, Dr. Alley has written extensively on Yemen for a variety of publications including Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, PS: Political Science and Politics, The Middle East Journal, the Journal of Democracy, and The National, among others. She has conducted fieldwork in Yemen since 2004 and currently resides in Dubai.