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Riccardo Fabiani

The Changing Nature of the Algerian Political System and the Illusion of a Civilian Regime

[Image of the Martyrs Monument at the Central Military Museum in Algiers, Algeria. Image by US Army Africa/Flickr]

Since 2011 Algeria has recorded a series of important political changes, despite its reputation as one of the most immobile countries in a region marked by instability and turmoil. This evolution in the nature of Algeria's regime has gone largely unnoticed on the international media, while domestically the authorities have been able to craft a narrative centered around the idea of a transition from a military-backed system to a civilian regime. In this powerful ...

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Riccardo Fabiani


Riccardo Fabiani is a senior analyst on North Africa for political risk consultancy Eurasia Group. He focuses on Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco.