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Mathilde du Pradel and Farida Youssef


How Did Social Insurance in Egypt Become a Problem Rather Than a Solution?

[Source: Mustafa al-Sheikh, Al-Wafd, 2010. The umbrella represents government subventions on consumption goods, the door is that of the government and the rain represents prices. Caption: just like subventions, social policies in Egypt, including social insurance, health insurance and assistance measures, hardly protect vulnerable citizens.

On 31 March 2015, Egypt’s Minister of Transitional Justice announced that the committee for legislative reform was working on a draft decision to amend some provisions of the laws currently regulating social insurance. Not much attention was paid to this announcement, in which plenty of other projects were mentioned. Over the past decade, little attention has been paid in general to social insurance in Egypt, despite the significant relationship between its inefficiency and ...

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Mathilde du Pradel and Farida Youssef


Mathilde du Pradel is an independent researcher working on social protection and socioeconomic issues in Egypt. Based in Cairo since 2012, du Pradel is the founder of the blog ActuEgypte which offers regular media roundups and press reviews about Egypt in French. 

Farida Youssef is a recent graduate who studied history. Her research interests relate to the Egyptian art scene and urban studies.