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Alp Kayserilioglu, Güney Işıkara, Max Zirngast


Continuing the Struggle

[Victims of the bombing, Ankara, 10 October. Image via Jacobin.]

In Ankara, on 10 October, a few minutes after 10am, two of us (Alp and Max) were on our way to the “Labor, Peace and Democracy” rally. We were a little late and just entering the crowd, rushing towards the train station to meet with others, when the first bomb struck two hundred meters ahead. It all happened at the same time—the explosion, the shockwave, a thirty-foot column of fire and smoke. Everything stopped, then the second bomb exploded. What happened was clear ...

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Turkey in Times of War

An apartment building in Cizre. Image by Tamer Doğan

The Justice and Development Party (AKP), ruling Turkey as the sole party since 2002, finds itself in a deep and longstanding crisis of hegemony. The first blow it suffered from below was the June Uprising in 2013. Ever since, the AKP and first Prime Minister then President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who de facto owns the party, have been dealt serious strikes: for instance, from the open conflict with the Gülen Movement since the end of 2013, its former brother in arms—and most ...

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Alp Kayserilioglu, Güney Işıkara, Max Zirngast


Alp Kayserilioglu has finished his MA in philosophy and history and now lives and works in Istanbul.

Güney Işıkara is a PhD student in economics at the New School for Social Research.

Max Zirngast is studying philosophy and political science in Vienna and Ankara.

All three also work as independent journalists and translators.