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Khaled Al-Hilli

Ghaib Tu`ma Farman: The Old Man's Word

[Ghaib Tuma Farman. Image from unknown source]

The Old Man’s Word Ghaib Tu`ma Farman Translated by Khaled Al-Hilli [As a pioneer of contemporary Iraqi fiction, Ghaib Tu`ma Farman (1927-1990) may have been too geographically removed from the literary center to enjoy the critical acclaim offered to authors of his stature. Born in Baghdad 1927, he came of literary age in the 1950’s with the publication of his first short story collection in 1954 and formed friendships with other literary figures of his time such as Fuad ...

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Khaled Al-Hilli

Khaled Al-Hilli is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Literature at CUNY- Graduate Center.