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Annie Weaver

"Eight O'Clock" by Zakaria Tamer

[Cover of Zakaria Tamer's al-Husrum. Image from]

At twelve in the afternoon, Hanan Al-Mulqi was dancing through the streets. Unconcerned with the dazed men gazing at her beauty, she grumbled disdainfully as some hounded her with expressions of love and flattery, describing her as a foal in need of taming. Arriving at the public park, she hurried to its entrance, sat down on a bench, and let out a sigh of relief. All of a sudden, man in his mid-twenties sat down beside her, saying hello and that he had circled the park ...

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"Oh Damascus" by Ghada Al-Samman

[Ghada al-Samman. Image from wikipedia]

‪“Oh Damascus” by Ghada al-Samman‬‬‬‬ Translated by Annie Weaver‬ As I chew on the remnants of fog in my mouth (If only I would find him inside waiting for me, then this nightmare would end), eagerly running up the age-old stairs, I feel an irresistible desire to cry a long, bitter cry somewhere, anywhere, in this city. Anywhere, because I know no one will hear me. The rain never stops, and if it did stop its loud weeping for a moment, the fog would gush out from pavement ...

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Ghassan Kanafani: The Horizon Beyond the Gate

[Ghassan Kanafani. Image from Wikipedia]

The Horizon Beyond the Gate Ghassan Kanafani Translated by Annie Weaver 1 Before reaching the top of the ladder, he stopped to catch his breath. No, it’s not possible that he could be so worn out...he knows well that he’s not tired at all. Carrying nothing more than a small basket and his ladder, the car had dropped him off at the door of the hotel. The ladder wasn’t as tall as he had imagined, but these last three steps. . . they’re always the ones that crush him, ...

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Annie Weaver

Annie Weaver holds a BA in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies from New York University's Gallatin School. She is currently a fellow at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad in Cairo.