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Valérie Stocker


Libya: The Forgotten War of the Tebu and Tuareg

[Tuareg children on the remains of Tuareg houses in the Tayuri neighborhood of Sebha, destroyed during clashes in July 2015. Image by author]

In the midst of the Libyan desert, a thousand kilometers south of Tripoli, a war divides two communities that had been living a brotherly life until the post-revolutionary vortex carried away their friendship. The Tebu, an ethnic group that traces its roots to the Tibesti Mountains in Chad, and the Tuareg, the “Berbers of the desert” spread throughout the Sahel-Saharan region, had been living side by side since having signed a peace treaty in late nineteenth century. In ...

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Valérie Stocker


Valérie Stocker is a researcher focusing on Libya and a freelance journalist with a degree from Sciences Po Paris. She spent five years in Libya and returns there regularly.