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Eszter Zimanyi

Loeterman’s Documentary on Palestine (1913): Seeds of Conflict

Photographs courtesy of Ben Loeterman Productions, Inc.

This interview was conducted following the national airing of 1913: Seeds of Conflict on PBS in the United States. 1913 is an hour-long, educational documentary based on the book 1913 Jerusalem by Amy Dockser Marcus. The film explores the social and cultural climate of Palestine during the waning years of the Ottoman Empire, and the experiences of both indigenous Palestinians and the earliest European Jewish settlers in the region at this pivotal moment in history. This ...

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Eszter Zimanyi


Eszter Zimanyi is a PhD student and Annenberg Fellow in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Southern California. She served as the editorial assistant for Return of The Mecca: The Art of Islam and Hip-Hop, a 120-page commemorative book celebrating the art exhibit of the same name, curated by Sohail Daulatzai in 2014. She also acted as a curatorial assistant for Histories Absolved: Revolutionary Cuban Poster Art and the Muslim International, which showcased rare posters from Cuba’s OSPAAAL collective. Her current research considers the historical and ideological connections between the Cold War and the War on Terror through examining narratives of displacement and exile between Eastern Europe and the greater Middle East.