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Sinem Adar


‘New Turkey’: Toward an Authoritarian and Sectarian Police State

[Demonstration in Istanbul following the assassination of Tahir Elçi. Photo by Fatih Pinar.]

Tahir Elçi, the president of the bar association in southeastern Diyarbakır province and a determined Kurdish human rights lawyer, was shot dead on Saturday, 28 November, during a press statement he had delivered in Diyarbakır. Photos of Elçi’s dead body lying on the ground quickly overwhelmed social media accounts, symbolizing the deadly difficulty of talking about and fighting for peace at this critical juncture that Turkey, and the region at large, are going through. ...

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We Have Lost Too Much

[Bodies covered with flags in the aftermath of the explosions at a peace rally in Ankara on October 10. Image by Fatih Pınar.]

According to the official figures, 97 civilians died in a deadly blast in Ankara on Saturday although the death toll is contested.[1] They were there to participate in the peace rally organized by leftist associations, syndicates, and unions. Many NGOs and People’s Democratic Party (HDP) representatives and supporters were among the participants. Photos of dead bodies lying on the ground covered by the flags prepared for the rally overwhelmed social media accounts, reminding ...

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Sinem Adar


Sinem Adar is a sociologist and an Early Career Fellow at the Human Rights, Constitutional Politics, and Religious Diversity Research Group of the Lichtenberg-Kolleg, University of Gottingen. Her research interests include nation-building and nationalism; belonging, citizenship and identity; and religion in Turkey and Egypt.