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Elsa Kohler

Containing the Narrative: Portrait of a Killing in the West Bank

[The closed Container checkpoint with Sadeq Ziad Gharbiyeh’s body visible on the ground, on 10 November 2015. Image by author.]

Each day after work I ride back to Bethlehem in a rickety public taxi van known in Palestine as a sirvis. On Tuesday, 10 November around 3:00 pm we reached “The Container,” an Israeli checkpoint that stands between the town of Abu Dis and the valley of Wadi Nar to find large steel gates blocking our way. Normally the checkpoint is open for vehicles to pass through, many of which soldiers will force to pull over for a security check. Often the young Palestinian men commuting ...

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Elsa Kohler


Elsa Köhler is based in the West Bank, Palestine. She is a writer, activist, and researcher on forensics, health and human rights and has published in several independent literary magazines.