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Khalil Issa


When the Entire Planet is Against the Revolution

[Cartoonist Ali Farzat]

"I have seen the tree, but the roots are elsewhere." - Indian proverb. Whether from the helms of the Syrian regime or through the "opposed" western media such as Al Jazeera and its helms in the Arab world, the hegemonic representation of the Syrian revolution is that of a world divided into two camps and no other. On one side, there are "the revolutionaries" and their free army, "neo-Ottoman" Turkey and the Gulf Cooperation Council ...

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حين يكون الكوكب بأسره ضد الثورة

[كاريكاتير للفنان السوري علي فرزات]

"لقد رأيت الشجرة، لكن الجذور في مكان آخر." (مثل هندي) إنّ الصورة المهيمنة اليوم حول الثورة السورية والتي يتمّ إغراقنا فيها، سواء عبر أبواق النظام السوري أو عبر القنوات الغربية و العربية "المعادية" له مثل "الجزيرة" وأبواقها في العالم العربي، هي أنّ العالم ينقسم الى فسطاطين لا ثالث لهما: لديك من جهة "الثوار" وجيشهم الحرّ، تركيا "العثمانية الجديدة" ودول مجلس التعاون الخليجي، وفي قلب هؤلاء قطر وأميرها، وفي الخلفية هناك ...

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The Lebanese Left Fails in Syria

[Leftist march in Lebanon. Image from unknown archive.]

[This article was written in Arabic by Khalil Issa and translated into English by Hanna Petro] When the left loses all the material elements of its steadfastness, as a result of its mistakes on the one hand and because of surrounding local pressures on the other, it is usually left with nothing but the political-ethical discourse as a principled stance on the basis of which to fight. In the end, being a leftist is to side with justice against oppression, with the victim ...

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