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Heather Jendoubi


Awled Amreeka?

[Screenshot from the series Awled Moufida. Image provided by author]

It is Ramadan 2015 in Tunisia, and it is a tough one. Falling in July, seemingly endless scorching days are filled with children who long for something—anything—to do, and parents with no energy to entertain them. The saving grace is that space of time after iftar followed by the Ramadan soap opera of your choice and before sleeping. The children in Kabaria are taken to the montazah, or playground, to run and play while parents chat happily with overstuffed stomachs. As ...

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Heather Jendoubi


Heather Jendoubi is a graduate student in international comparative sociology. Her research interests include issues surrounding reproduction, chastity and virginity, and the sociology of magic.