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Dima Yassine


Anti-ISIS Music in Iraq

[Screenshot from Tagat wel Ma Tagat (2014), taken from YouTube.]

 Soon after the withdrawal of most of the US military from Iraq, bequeathing a weak and corrupt clientele government in Baghdad, ISIS took over several Iraqi small towns before occupying Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city in June 2014. The Iraqi army was already suffering from a lack of proper training and was infested with corruption. Young, mostly poor, men started mobilizing to volunteer for the army and al-Hashd al-Sha’abi, or Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), a ...

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لقاء مع فنان الغرافيتي والكوميكس العراقي سجاد عباس

[عمل لفنان الغرافيني العراقي سجاد عباس]

 ديمة ياسين: كيف يعرف سجاد عباس عن نفسه؟  سجاد عباس: أنا من مواليد العراق بغداد 1993، دبلوم معهد فنون جميلة/ بغداد 2014 قسم الفن التشكيلي فرع الرسم.  نفذت العديد من رسوم الغرافيك في بغداد منذ عام 2011.  اشتركت في العديد من المعارض المشتركة في معهد الفنون الجميلة في بغداد.  عملت كمدير فني لـ 8 أفلام سينمائية في المركز العراقي للفيلم المستقل وكنت طالباً في نفس المركز من عام 2011 إلى 2014. أنجزت فلمين انيمیشن، قمت بنفسي بإخراج وكتابة ...

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Resisting Amnesia: Twenty Five Years After the Al Amiriyah Attack

[Al-Amiriyah Shelter--Transnational Collective Campaign Poster]

On 13 February 1991, the United States Air Force deliberately targeted the Al Amiriyah bomb shelter in Baghdad, killing 408 civilians, mostly women and children. It was a brazen act of terror that has left permanent scars on Iraqi society. The Iraqi Transnational Collective issued a statement commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of this catastrophic act of brutality and has initiated a global campaign to raise awareness about this attack. Dima Yassine of Status spoke ...

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Dima Yassine's work and writing tackles the importance of the role art and gender activism is playing in the political and social change in the Middle East. She holds a Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies form Simon Fraser University in Canada. She writes poetry in her spare time. She published book of poetry in Arabic titled Shajarat al Narinj (The Narinj Tree).