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Patrick Haimzadeh


Libya: Military Intervention Would Only Strengthen the Islamic State

[Image of Libyans rallying against federalism. Image by Magharebia/Flickr]

For two years French, British, and Italian political and military leaders, as well as US neo-conservatives left over from the presidency of George W. Bush, have been contemplating another military intervention in Libya. Ostensibly, the idea would be to eradicate the Islamic State (IS) in Libya once and for all. Yet, IS' capacity to establish itself in a lasting manner has proven limited. Furthermore, such a plan simply avoids the crucial issue: the need to build a legitimate ...

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Patrick Haimzadeh


Patrick Haimzadeh is a former French diplomat in Tripoli (2001-2004) and is the author of Au cœur de la Libye de Kadhafi, Jean-Claude Lattès, 2011.