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Mehammed Amadeus Mack


Kamel Daoud: Sexual Demonization and the Secularist Select

(Y. Gastaut,

In a controversial NYT op-ed, the Algerian journalist and prize-winning author Kamel Daoud weighed in on the infamous events of last New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany. He wrote of the sexual harassment and rape authored by Muslim migrants and refugees as symptoms of a “sick” relationship with sex and women in general, and that this “disease” was now spreading to Western lands. This spectacular episode of sexual violence had managed to turn what had been general sympathy for ...

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Mehammed Amadeus Mack


Mehammed Amadeus Mack is Assistant Professor of French Studies and the Study of Women and Gender (SWG) at Smith College, MA. He is author of the upcoming manuscript Sexagon: France, Muslims, and the Sexualization of National Culture (Fordham University Press, Fall 2016)