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Selim Temo


On a Day of a March…

[Yasar Kemal. Image via Radikal Gazetesi.]

“In his eyes was the sorrow of an Arab horse that has lost the race.” Yaşar Kemal On a day of a March… The three of us are sitting in a hotel garden right above a park. A jovial giant, a cheerful exile, a lucky me... Beneath a sky full of birds… The wind is blowing like a forgotten whisper; the smell of moss is arriving from distant seas. The jovial giant’s phone rings. “Only three people know my phone number: Mehmed, Selim, and the other is…” says ...

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Selim Temo

Born in Mêrîna, Batman in 1972, Selim Temo is a Kurdish poet, scholar, writer, and translator. Temo studied Anthropology in Ankara University (BA), Turkish Literature (MA) in Bilkent University where he also received his PhD degree. He has authored thirty books, including Kurdish or Turkish poetry, translations, anthologies, children’s books, novels, and news articles. He has also received several literary awards. Temo is currently an assistant professor in Artuklu University, Mardin.