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Junaid S. Ahmad


The Caliphate Beyond ISIS: An Interview with Salman Sayyid (Part Two)

Contemporary discussions about the concept of the caliphate almost invariably turn to its application at the hands of the Islamic State. Challenging this trend in his recent book, Recalling the Caliphate, Salman Sayyid examines the historical conception of the caliphate and its meaning for Muslim polities. In this second part of the interview with Sayyid, he identifies the prevailing divisions across Islamic societies that have manifested in recent political contestations ...

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Muslims and the Challenge of Historiography: An Interview with Salman Sayyid (Part One)

[Badshahi Mosque (King’s Mosque). Photo by Ujphotos via Wikimedia]

From the perspective of an increasing number of Muslim intellectuals, discussions around the prospects of Islamic societies charting their own political futures are fraught with pressures to engage in the application of Western liberal (and neo-liberal) values as a means of validating such intellectual projects. Thus, the challenge facing thinkers in these societies is one of de-linking Eurocentric assumptions from internal discourses on autonomy of Muslims. In the first of ...

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Junaid S. Ahmad


Junaid S. Ahmad is Director for the Center for Global Dialogue, Lahore Pakistan, and has been teaching law, politics, and religion at the Lahore University of Management Sciences and the University of Management and Technology since 2008. His main interests lie in Islamic liberation theology and decolonial studies and praxis.