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Maya Mikdashi and Rasha Moumneh


A (Neocolonial) Musical Introduction to Lebanese Political Actors, complete with Wikipedia Hyperlinks

[Lebanese Flag]

Lebanon has been in the news a lot lately. From union strikes to legal advocacy to intermittent Sunni-Shiite violence to daily Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty to the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees currently living in Lebanon to the election crisis to the resignation of Prime Minister Miqati, Lebanon has been boiling for (at least) over two years. While the most interesting political developments have been the work of activist, civil society, and union ...

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Gays, islamistas y la primavera arabe; Que haria un revolucionario?

[This article was written in English by Maya Mikdashi and R.M. and translated/published in Spanish by] Gays, islamistas y la primavera árabe ¿Qué haría un revolucionario? [Traducción para Rebelión de Loles Oliván] El pasado mes de mayo el blog Una lesbiana en Damasco respondía a un alarmista artículo de primera plana en la BBC International sobre el futuro de los derechos de Lesbianas, Gays, ...

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Gays, Islamists, and The Arab Spring: What Would A Revolutionary Do?

[Mix and Match Flag; Image from unknown archive]

This past May, the blogger behind the “Gay Girl in Damascus” site responded to an alarmist front-page article by CNN International on the future of LGBT rights in the wake of the Arab Spring. The crux of the blogger’s response centered on the ways in which gay rights rhetoric is being used to undermine the revolutions sweeping the region and with them, the first tangible possibilities of democracy in states that have suffered under decades of brutal authoritarian rule. In ...

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Maya Mikdashi and Rasha Moumneh



Maya Mikdashi is a PhD candidate at Columbia University's Department of Anthropology and Co-Director of the documentary film About Baghdad. Maya is currently a Faculty Fellow and Director of Graduate Studies at the NYU Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies. She  is Co-Founder/Editor of Jadaliyya Ezine.

Rasha Moumneh earned her MA in anthropology from UCL in 2004, and has been working in social justice movements since then primarily in Beirut, but also regionally. She is focused on working within and building alternative movements for gender justice. She has worked with local, regional, and international organizations focused on women's social and economic rights, gender based violence, and queer movement building.