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Nahrain Al-Mousawi

A Poetry of Resistance: The Disappearance of Ayat al-Qormezi in Bahrain's “Hidden History”

[Lulu Square, destroyed. Image from]

After reciting her poetry at Lulu Square where Bahrain’s protests were centered in February and March 2011, twenty-year-old poet Ayat al- Qormezi disappeared. Although al-Qormezi has been reported dead, her death has also been reported to be a rumor. Traces of the square that galvanized demonstrators in Manama became subject to disappearance as well, when Bahraini authorities tried to halt protests by razing the Lulu monument to the ground and destroying the rest of the ...

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Nahrain Al-Mousawi

Nahrain Al-Mousawi is a teaching fellow and PhD candidate at UCLA. She writes about the Middle East, North Africa and migration.