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Yasmeen Hanoosh

An Excerpt from al-Sayyid Asghar Akbar by Murtedha Gzar

[The cover of al-Sayyid Asghar Akbar by Murtedha Gzar]

[The following is a translation of an excerpt from the novel Al-Sayyid Asghar Akbar (Dar al-Tanwir, 2012) by Iraqi author Murtedha Gzar. This recent work by a young engineer from the southern city of Basra has received considerable attention in literary circles at home and abroad, significantly for the ways in which it departs from the mimetic norms of social realism that were found in the established narratological models of the pre-2003 U.S. occupation era, such as the ...

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Two Stories by Luay Hamza Abbas

[Image from Unknown Archive]

Closing His Eyes (Ighmadh al-‘Aynayn) is a collection of seventeen short stories written between 2003-2007. It is the fourth and latest collection of short stories by Iraqi novelist, literary critic and short story writer Luay Hamza Abbas (published by Azmina, Amman, 2008). Through this collection, Luay Hamza Abbas’ talent as a storyteller has been acknowledged with national and international awards. The most recent of these is the Iraqi Ministry of Culture Award for ...

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Yasmeen Hanoosh


Yasmeen Hanoosh is Assistant Professor of Arabic Studies at Portland State University. Her tranaslations have appeared in Banipal and The Iowa Review. Her translation of Muhsin al-Ramli's Scattered Crumbs won the University of Arkansas Arabic Translation Prize in 2002. She was a fellow of the EUME program at the Wissenschaftskolleg in Berlin in 2009-2010.