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Marine Chevallereau and Jonathan Pichot

The Dubai Social Contract

Murals Seen in Dubai. Image by Eleonora Dobbles.

Dubai is a city-state with a modern economy built on top of a tribal society. Its particular mix of 21st century globalized business alongside traditions and social structures that date back to a time of nomadic tribes make it a particularly interesting case study to understand how a pre-modern society confronts and incorporates contemporary capitalism. To understand the social contract in a place like this, one must first understand the structure of the indigenous ...

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Marine Chevallereau and Jonathan Pichot

Jonathan Pichot is a New York-based software developer and graduate student. Working in software, but with a strong interest in city planning and governance, he has helped cities open their data and design digital citizen engagement strategies. He is particularly interested in the intersections between technology, urban life, and human connection. He holds a Bachelors degree in European History from Pacific Union College and is currently pursuing a Masters in Applied Urban Science and Informatics at New York University.

Marine Chevallereau is a French student, currently part of the Master program "Governing the Large Metropolis" at the Urban School of SciencesPo Paris. She holds a Bachelors degree in social sciences with a focus on Latin America. Especially interested in segregation issues, she has worked within different cultural centers and NGOs in Mexico City and in Buenos Aires to promote the inclusion of segregated neighborhoods and especially children through different artistic forms. During her studies, she has also developed a profound interest around mobility issues and their implications regarding the right to the city and socio-cultural integration.