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Taylan Güngör


Caliphate, An Idea Throughout History: An Interview with Hugh Kennedy

[Byzantine envoys before Caliph al-Mu'tasim (seated, right). Image of miniature from the

What is a caliphate? Who can be caliph? What is the history of the idea? How can we interpret and use it today? These are the themes discussed in Hugh Kennedy’s new book, The Caliphate (Pelican Books), which aims to find the long-term historical context for the idea of caliphate. Tracing the history from the choosing of the first caliph, Abu Bakr, in the immediate aftermath of the Prophet Muhammad’s death in 632, through the orthodox (Rashidun) caliphs (632-661), the ...

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Taylan Güngör


Taylan Güngör is a doctoral candidate at the School of Oriental and Africa Studies (SOAS). His research interests center on Medieval and Pre-Modern Eastern Mediterranean trading circles. His dissertation research is on trade in Istanbul after 1453.