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Jad Chaaban


Lebanon's Waste Management Policies One Year after the 2015 Crisis

[Sukleen Company diagram illustrating alleged waste management work it carries out in Lebanon.]

The foul odors of waste profiteering, corruption, and the illegal grab of public funds are back in the public eye. Not that they ever disappeared, really. One year after the onset of Lebanon’s waste crisis, the ruling junta is still trying to push unsustainable and overly expensive waste management plans, which only benefit the ruling political parties and their cronies.  Before the 2015 Protests The situation can be summarized by the following: Lebanon produces an ...

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Jad Chaaban


Jad Chaaban is an Associate Professor of Economics at the American University of Beirut, co-founder of the Lebanese Economic Association, and research fellow at the Lebanese Center for Policiy Studies (LCPS). Click here to access his website.