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Giovanni Pagani

Urban Conflicts and Multiple War Narratives: The Case of Aleppo

[Salaheddin, Aleppo. By Syria Freedom.]

Since media pundits and political figures praised Syrians’ peaceful, democratic and diverse inspiration for freedom, a series of competing narratives have tried to prevail on the conflict: an oppressed people revolting against a brutal regime, a betrayed president facing terrorism and foreign machinations, a struggle between "radical" and "moderate" rebels, a modern nation-state facing regional re-tribalization, a proxy-war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, ...

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Giovanni Pagani

Giovanni Pagani holds a BA in Architecture from the Polytechnic School of Milan and an MSc in Middle East Politics from the London School of Oriental and African Studies. After writing his final dissertation on Beirut’s reconstruction, his research has focused on post-war recovery, urban redevelopment and societal cleavages, mainly with reference to the Middle East. Currently, he interns at the City Resilience Profiling Programme - UN-Habitat, (Barcelona Office).