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Susanna Ferguson


The Red Sea in History: An Interview with Alexis Wick

[Astronaut photograph of a panoramic view of most of the length of the Red Sea. Image by NASA via Wikimedia Commons]

The body of water now known as the Red Sea was surrounded for nearly four centuries by the Ottoman Empire's well-protected domains. During that time, it became a space of not only geological and geographic but also historical coherence. While the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, and other maritime spaces have inspired their own fields of history writing, especially after the recent "oceanic turn," historians have been curiously silent about the Red ...

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Susanna Ferguson


Susanna Ferguson is a PhD student in Middle Eastern History at Columbia University, where she focuses on the history of women and gender in the Arab world in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. She records frequent episodes with scholars on subjects such as gender, education, and law in the modern Middle East. She has been a member of the Ottoman History Podcast team since fall 2014.