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Deniz Yonucu


United in Nationalism: Notes on the Aftermath of the Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey

[Taksim Square, Istanbul. Photo by Yasemin Taşkın]

As is by now well known, on 15 July 2015 some segments of Turkey’s military forces attempted a coup against the country’s elected Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. On the night of the coup attempt, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, one of the founders of the ruling party, called on the people to defend democracy against the coup organizers. That night, thousands risked their lives and took to the streets, which were occupied by military tanks, to side with the ...

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Deniz Yonucu


Deniz Yonucu is currently an Alexander Von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow at EUME, Transregionale Studien in Berlin and Zentrum Moderner Orient. She has received her PhD degree in Social Anthropology from Cornell University in May 2014. She holds two MA degrees in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago and in Sociology from Bogazici University. Her research areas include: Urban conflict, working class criminalization, state violence and counter-violence, Turkey’s anti-terror law and minorities in Turkey. Yonucu is currently working on her first book project, which focuses on marginalized Alevi populated working class neighborhoods in Istanbul and analyses the complex relationship between law, violence, counter-violence and sovereignty in Turkey. She has published a number of articles and opinion pieces related to these areas of research. Her articles are available at: