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Hayat Gebara, Mona Khechen and Bruno Marot

Mapping New Constructions in Beirut (2000-2013)

[Location of New Projects in Municipal Beirut (2000-2013) (Source: Authors)]

In a world of rapidly modernizing and globalizing cities, Beirut does not stand out as an exception. Spreading citywide since the early 2000s is an urban renewal process sparked by a well-resourced Lebanese diaspora and foreign investors, and influenced by an ambitious, controversial project to rebuild Beirut’s war-devastated central district (Solidere’s project). Indeed, over the past fifteen years, most neighborhoods in municipal Beirut have undergone conspicuous ...

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Hayat Gebara, Mona Khechen and Bruno Marot

Hayat Gebara has a BA in Architecture from Beirut Arab University (2013), and a Masters of Urban Design from the American University of Beirut (2016). Her thesis focused on employing tactical urbanism tools in activating residual spaces and achieving community empowerment in the gentrified neighborhood of Ain Mreisseh, Beirut. She was a Research Assistant for the ‘Gentrification in Ras Beirut’ research project, and was also on the winning team (The Last Resort) of the competition “Revisiting Dalieh.” She is currently conducting research at an international NGO in Beirut.

Mona Khechen is an independent researcher and urban development consultant. In 2014-2015 she was a research associate at the American University of Beirut Neighborhood Initiative, where she lead the Gentrification and Urban Change in Ras Beirut research project.  Her current work focuses on vulnerability, displacement, conflict and post-conflict reconstruction.  

Bruno Marot is a PhD candidate in urban planning, policy, and design at McGill University. He is also a research fellow affiliated with the Institut Français du Proche Orient (IFPO). His doctoral research investigates the political economy of urban change in post-war Beirut. His work also focuses on housing policy and finance, urban politics, and governance, as well as on reconstruction and transition in cities in conflict.