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Raja Khalidi, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, and Vivian Ziherl


The Symphony of Late Liberalism in Palestine: A Conversation between Raja Khalidi, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, and Vivian Ziherl

The great events of history tower over Jerusalem, almost as though they were unappeasable lords. But what if “history” were understood not by its crowning moments but by its sinews, as a narrative texture that warps through the media of populations and territories, articulated not in grand declarations but in the everyday fact of decision-making and the minor economies of daily life. This is the base proposal of the Symphony of Late Liberalism, a concept-image by Elizabeth ...

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Raja Khalidi, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, and Vivian Ziherl


Raja Khalidi is Research Associate at Birziet University and Chair of the Khalidi Waqf Jerusalem.

Elizabeth A. Povinelli is Franz Boas Professor of Anthropology and Gender Studies at Columbia University and one of the founding members of the Karrabing Film Collective. She is the author of five books, the latest Geontologies: A Requiem to Late Liberalism(Duke, 2016), and numerous essays on late liberalism in settler colonialism.

Vivian Ziherl is a curator and writer from Australia, living and working in Amsterdam. She was curator of Jerusalem Show VIII Before and After Origins commissioned by Al Ma’mal Foundation as part of the 3rd Qalandiya Internaitonal, and is the founder of Frontier Imaginaries (