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Aisha Ghani


Little Protests, Big Erasures

[The Back of a Guantanamo Prison Uniform, Image from Unknown Archive]

In a recent interview with Carol Rosenberg, Joint Detention Group Commander Col. Thomas’ has stated that, contrary to reports issued by the Center for Constitutional Rights and CUNY Law School, detainees at Guantanamo Bay are not, in fact, engaged in protests. According to Col. Thomas, detainees are neither holding sit-ins, nor particularly moved by the events unfolding across the Middle East. Instead, Col. Thomas -- in an attempt to “set the record straight”-- tells us ...

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Beyond Ghailani: The Implications of Kaplan’s Ruling for Ahmed Abu Ali’s Case

[Leon Golub's

At one level, Judge Lewis Kaplan’s decision, to render coercively procured evidence inadmissible in courts, can be read as unremarkable. After all, the ruling naturally extends from the fifth-amendment right that protects against self-incrimination. Public responses to Kaplan’s ruling, however, suggest otherwise; the decision seems to have come as a surprise to folks on all sides of the political spectrum, suggesting that many have become accustomed to the idea that ...

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Aisha Ghani


Aisha Ghani is a Phd student in the Department of Anthropology at Stanford. In her dissertation she is examining how a certain set of assumptions, about what it means to be Muslim and the relationship between terrorism and Islam, have been inscribed into law and policy, and how, in turn, these laws and policies are experienced by Muslims in America. A major aspect of work traces these concepts through the figure of 'terrorist' as constructed by the language and processes of the law. Aisha is a Contributor to Jadaliyya Ezine.