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Elyse Semerdjian, John Chalcraft, and Aslı Ü. Bâli


Vote Yes on MESA Bylaw Amendment: Roundtable by Elyse Semerdjian, John Chalcraft, and Asli Bali

[Geometric arabesque tiling on the underside of the dome of Hafiz Shirazi's tomb in Shiraz. Image by Pontecelo via Wikipedia]

[The general membership of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) is currently voting on a bylaw amendment to strike the word "non-political" from its self-description and add a clause reaffirming the organization's committment to functioing as a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. The amendment was first introduced at the 2016 Annual Meeting, during which the Business Meeting voted 247-57 in favor of putting it up to a general membership vote. More than eleven former ...

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Elyse Semerdjian, John Chalcraft, and Aslı Ü. Bâli


Elyse Semerdjian is Associate Professor of Middle East History at Whitman College. She is currently a fellow at the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University.

John Chalcraft is Associate Professor in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics.

Aslı Ü. Bâli is Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law. She is currently the Director of the Center for Near Eastern Studies at UCLA.