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Chitra Sangtani


Two Years Without Trial in Max Security: Will the Scorpion Release Sabry on 16 April?

[Sabry in his engineering job, 2013. Photo by Mounir, Sabry’s brother.]

In August 2016, Sabry’s brother sprayed an image of Sabry’s face and bandaged limbs, clasped between the claws of an ominous scorpion, onto a wall in downtown Cairo. Next to it was a piece of text that began: “It is the third Eid that Sabry is spending in prison without having done anything wrong or against the law.” With this graffiti, he publicly appealed to the state for Sabry's freedom. “On the day of Arafa and the following four days of Eid, the prisoners are ...

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Chitra Sangtani


Chitra Sangtani is a multidisciplinary artist and writer, currently based in Cairo. She is concerned with many social and political issues relating to human rights, and is continually testing different ways to address them. She currently researches mechanisms of secrecy, mythologies of water, and structures of survival and care. All of Chitra’s work is made in collaboration with others (their names are too many to mention here), and her practice does not exist without their energy. Notable works include her contributions to Mada Masr (2016); Zussammen Hier Wir Versammelt, a film made and screened in Oberrimbach, Germany (2015); "The Purge," a live, immersive installation and performance piece exhibited in Glasgow (2015), and ‘Run/Resume’, a short play performed in Glasgow (2014). She is Indian by birth and British by nationality.