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Dina Baslan


Caught Between Two Fires: Sudanese Refugees in Jordan

Ahmad is poised as a journalist from Kutum, a town that lies 120 kilm away from El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur in Sudan. His towering figure and wide shoulders sway slowly with each calculated step he takes around his home’s uneven floor, leaning on his aluminum cane for support. He is among the many Darfuris that have in recent years actively spoken out about persecution in their homeland: I am forced to raise my voice because my family members are victims. There ...

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Dina Baslan


Dina Baslan is a researcher and refugee rights advocate focusing on media, displacement and migration. She has a BA in journalism and mass communications from San Jose State University, California. Most of her professional interests revolve around the journey of displacement, ways of survival in transition and refugee and migrants’ narratives. She previously held positions with UNESCO, Open Society Foundations, and ECHO. She is currently an independent researcher and activist.