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Adam Shatz


Prophecy and Deliverance: Reading al-'Azm in An Age of Revolution

[Sadik Jalal al-'Azm.]

Sadik J. al-`Azm. Self-Criticism After the Defeat. Translated by George Stergios. London: Saqi Books, 2011. On 5 June 1967, the Syrian philosopher Sadik al-`Azm received a call from his friend the poet Adonis. The war had begun, Adonis informed him, and the Arabs appeared to be on their way to victory. The two men “spoke about the war with confidence and without anxiety,” al-`Azm recalled some years later. “The thought of defeat did not cross the mind of anyone.” But defeat ...

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Is Palestine Next?

[Image from unknown archive]

No one in the Arab world was watching the news more closely than the Palestinians during the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. The first emotion they experienced was disbelief; the second – particularly when they saw Palestinian flags being raised in Tahrir Square – was relief that they were no longer alone. Arab lethargy has been a virtual article of faith among Palestinians, who felt that their neighbours had betrayed them in 1948 and had done nothing to help them since. ...

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Adam Shatz


Adam Shatz is a contributing editor at the London Review of Books (LRB).