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Wahib Maalouf


The Arab Uprisings and the Priorities of the Left

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For a number of leftist intellectuals, the 2011 Arab Spring belongs to a rare category of historical events: a series of political disturbances, each one igniting the other, across an entire region of the world. There have been only three comparable examples in history: the South American wars of liberation from Spanish colonialism between 1818 and 1825; the European revolutions in the period 1848-1849; and the fall of the regimes in the Soviet bloc in the period ...

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Wahib Maalouf


Wahib Maalouf is a Lebanese freelance writer and researcher based in Beirut. His articles have appeared in al-Akhbar (2006-present) and al-Safir (1998-2000) newspapers. Wahib was a Research Fellow at the Center for Behavioral Research (CBR) at the American University of Beirut (AUB) from October 2004 to September 2006. He is the author of Na'eb al-Sha'b al-Kadeh: Sirat Abdallah al-Hajj (1899-1975) [Common People's Deputy: The Biography of Abdallah al-Hajj (1899-1975)], published by Dar Annahar in 2007.