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Fida Adely


When is Something, Something? Jordan’s Arab Uprising

[Jordanian protesters from the Islamic Action Front and other opposition parties hold a demonstration after Friday prayers in Amman, Jordan, 16 November 2012. Friday’s march constituted the biggest single bloc yet to call for the end of the US-backed monarch’s regime. The crowd of some 2,500 also chanted slogans reminiscent of last year’s uprisings in the region. Image by Raad Adayleh/AP Photo.]

  Throughout the early months of 2011, and the Arab uprisings, I was living and conducting research in Jordan. I paid close attention to the reverberations of the Arab Spring on the ground in Jordan, and grew frustrated with the absolute lack of attention, or worse yet, dismissal of political developments there. I cannot count how many times I heard the refrain, “But nothing is happening in Jordan” or “Nothing will ever happen in Jordan.” In ...

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Fida Adely is an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University and the holder of the Clovis and Hala Maksoud Chair in Arab Studies. Fida is an anthropologist whose research and teaching interests focus on development, education, labor and gender. She is the author of several articles and as well as Gendered Paradoxes: Educating Jordanian Women in Nation, Faith and Progress (Chicago University Press 2012).