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Razan Zeitouneh


"It's Simply an Announcement of Death"


It is not easy to talk to an activist from Homs about his city; as you are talking, you find yourself alternating between laughter and tears without even realizing it. What could one possibly ask about a city that has lost more than 1,200 martyrs since the start of the revolution? Despite these losses, Syrians still avidly await the daily demonstration in Homs, broadcast live by some satellite channels. These demonstrations have come to resemble freedom carnivals that are ...

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The Makers of the Revolution

[Anti-regime protesters at Ummayyad Mosque. Image from AP.]

All it takes is three or four fida’iyyin [persons ready to sacrifice for a cause] in every mosque chanting slogans after the end of prayer. It also depends on many factors. For example, in the coastal city of Banyas, the residents are all very familiar with each other, and it is easy to distinguish “strangers” or “collaborators/spies.” It was enough for one young man, Anas al-Shaghry—who enjoyed everyone’s respect and possessed a certain level of charisma despite ...

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