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Woman from Yemen


Patriotic Criticism


This post is in response to some people’s comments regarding my criticism of aspects of the Yemeni transitional government. I was told by someone that my criticism is “accusatory, and will cause the state to fail!”  I am humbled by the power this person has given me, as I do not have the means to make the state fail or succeed, I wish I did. Let me start by saying that the transitional government has of course taken many positive steps, including: Giving ...

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The Newly Formed National Governing Council: Will it Govern in a New Way?

[Opposition members gathered outside the Grand Hall of Sana'a University on August 17. Image from unknown archive.]

Today, 17 August, Yemen's opposition groups met in the Grand Hall at Sana'a University, amidst tight security, for the formation of a national governing council to unite various groups in one legitimate opposition voice. The 1,000 members could only enter the Grand Hall after submitting their identification and obtaining their name cards. The Joint Meeting Parties (JMP), Yemen's main opposition coalition, began circulating the idea for the governing council for a couple of ...

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 Woman from Yemen


Woman from Yemen is an activist and researcher turned citizen journalist since the start of the Yemeni Revolution. You can follow her on her blog,