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Dina Omar


Whitey on the Moon

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On numerous occasions this past month, I’ve been asked my opinion on the “social justice” protests in Israel. There is much bellowing beneath my short “shu bi‘a`rifni” (hell if I know). Some believe that literature and storytelling convey truth better than facts; accordingly, I will use the words of two late and missed writers Mahmoud Darwish and Gil Scott-Heron to express why many are uninspired by the 14 July movement. Gil Scott-Heron sang the poem Whitey on the Moon in ...

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Dina Omar


Dina Omar is a Palestinian poet and graduate from the University California Berkeley. She is continuing her graduate studies in Anthropology at Columbia University. At UCB Dina studied and taught in June Jordan's Poetry for the People Program. She was and is an active organizer in Students For Justice in Palestine and the Palestine Youth Network.  Dina has written articles for the Electronic Intafada, Zeek, and Muftah and has published her poetry in the Berkeley Poetry Review, The Believer Magazine, and the Kartika Review. Currently Dina is submitting her first book of poems to be reviewed for publication titled sabbr.