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Camille Mansour


Palestinian Options at the United Nations

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What could be called the September “Wende” is fast approaching, and interpretations put forward by Palestinian officials abound as to what it will be possible and impossible to attain then at the United Nations (UN). This has engendered a certain confusion in Palestinian, Arab and international public opinion, as it is not clear which of these interpretations stem from apriori political considerations, which are based on an adequate understanding of UN procedures, and which ...

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Camille Mansour


Camille Mansour is member of the Institute of Palestine Studies' Board of Trustees and chairman of its research committee. He was professor of international relations at Paris University from 1984 to 2004. He also taught at Birzeit University where he founded and headed the Institute of Law (1994-2000) and established al-Muqtafi, the Palestine Judicial and Legislative Databank, and was the dean of its Faculty of Law and Public Administration (2007-2009).