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Mahmoud El-Wardani


The Ultras and the Egyptian Revolution

[Fron and back covers of

A new book describes the bravery shown by Egyptian Ultras throughout the Revolution and the passion for football that ties them together. Kitab al-Ultras (The Ultras Book) by Mohamed Gamal Besheer, Cairo: Dar Diwan, 2011. pp 222 The heroic role played by the Ultras during the eighteen-day uprising and during the various violent clashes that have taken place in Egypt since January between the security police, the army and demonstrators have gained legendary ...

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Will the Gulf Countries Escape the Revolutionary Fires?

[Flag of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Image via Google Images.]

Moataz Salama, Al-thawra am el-eslah: al-kehyar al-aamen le dual al-khaleej (Revolution or Reform: The Peaceful Choice for Gulf Countries). Cairo: Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies – Strategy Papers No 221, 2011. Moataz Salama in this remarkable study concludes that it is very difficult for the Arab Gulf countries to catch the train of revolutions that so far cross five Arab countries in the unfolding Arab Spring. One might have expected that the sparks of ...

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Mahmoud El-Wardani


Mahmoud El-Wardani, born in Cairo in 1950, is a writer and cultural journalist. He is the author of six novels and three collections of short stories. Imprisoned for student activism in the 1970s, El-Wardani was also one of those who transported the bodies of deceased soldiers during the 1973 war. El-Wardani is a a senior editor of Cairo's weekly literary magazine Akhbar al-Adab.