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Anny Gaul and Nour Joudah


Windows to Refuge: Camp Life through the Eyes of Palestinian Youth in Lebanon

[“Buildings in Shatila are side by side with no space. Not every camp is like this.” Shatila, by Haneen B.]

“The pact that binds us to photographers puts our sight in their hands.” (From the introduction to Lahza, a book of Palestinian children’s photographs by ZAKIRA, Amers Editions, Beirut, 2009.) The Project These photographs were taken in July 2012 by Palestinian youth living in four out of the twelve refugee camps in Lebanon. The photographers, students aged eleven to fifteen, were participants in an intensive summer project called SHINE coordinated by both LEAP, an ...

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Film and its Voices: The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival

[Logo for the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival. Image from]

Palestinian Film and Arts Festival September 26 - 30, 2011, Washington, DC Last week Washington, DC joined Chicago, Boston, Houston, Ann Arbor, and a string of other cities and communities in putting on the first DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival. Over the past ten years, Palestinian Film Festivals produced by the Palestinian diaspora community have been popping up all over and have come to exhibit a new stage in Palestinian artistic expression and the showcasing of ...

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Anny Gaul and Nour Joudah


Anny Gaul is a PhD student in Arabic Language and Literature at Georgetown University, where she earned an MA in Arab Studies. Her research and writing interests include gender and development, the politics of representation, and food. 

Nour Joudah has a Masters of Arts in Arab Studies from Georgetown University. She researches the role and perception of exile politics within the Palestinian liberation struggle, in particular among politically active Palestinian youth living in the United States and Occupied Palestine. Nour is the Assistant Editor at the Journal of Palestine Studies. She is also a Jadaliyya researcher and blogs regularly for Electronic Intifada.