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Sherif Younis


Egypt Elects its President While in Crisis

[Millions of Egyptians went to vote May 23 to May 24. Image originally posted to Flickr by Jonathan Rashad.]

One cannot say that most Egyptians sense a political crisis. However, large sectors of activists from across the political spectrum feel the existence of a crisis in Egypt’s political scene. That is why the presidential race is intensely competitive in a manner perhaps incommensurate with the importance of the election itself. This article is an attempt to answer the following questions: What caused the crisis? How has the crisis developed in the past months? How has it ...

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The Maspero Massacre: The Military, the Media, and the 1952 Cairo Fire as Historical Blueprint

[A young man hurls stones at security forces during clashes between protesters and military police in Cairo. Image by Abdelhamid Eid, European Pressphoto Agency]

The Maspero Massacre and the official media policy that emerged in its wake can only be understood in the context of the ongoing struggle between the national security state and forces working to achieve a fledgling democracy in Egypt. The January Revolution was a transformative moment in the country’s history: a moment of transition from a security regime that had grown rotten to the core after sixty years in power towards a nascent democratic state. Freedom of speech and ...

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Sherif Younis



Sherif Younis is a history professor at Helwan University and the editor of the political monthly Al-Busla.