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Shana Marshall


Partners in Profiteering: Defense Firms and Diplomats in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

[6 April 2012, US and Egyptian navy train, The Red Sea. Image originally posted to Wikimedia Commons]

Recall the early days of 2011 in Egypt. Following a national uprising unprecedented in scale and intensity, President Hosni Mubarak finally resigns, leaving the government in the hands of a small group of high-ranking military officers designated the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF). By the Spring of 2011, the halcyon days of solidarity were fading from collective memory, replaced by the events surrounding an increasingly complicated transition, including the ...

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Egypt's Other Revolution: Modernizing the Military-Industrial Complex

[Heliopolis Workshop, said to be part of the Mubarak Complex II. Image from Ferrometalco.]

The Egyptian military produces a staggering array of manufactured goods: kitchen cutlery, flat-screen televisions, agricultural and household chemicals, refrigerators, industrial machinery, railway cars, and election booths. And while many of the military’s factory webpages make a concerted attempt to promote their wares, the careful observer gets the feeling that the production of air conditioners and gas stoves has superseded the production of guns and ammo. Although the ...

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The Modernization of Bribery: The Arms Trade in the Arab Gulf

[Image from]

The New York Hall of Science in Queens is currently showcasing “1,001 Inventions,” an exhibit documenting scientific advances made in the Islamic World while Europe was mired in the Dark Ages. The standards are all there – the advances in surgery, astronomy, and mathematics without which we might still be engaged in trepanation, the reading of animal entrails and addition by abacus. But there is another pioneering regional development not on display: the ...

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Shana Marshall


Shana Marshall is a PhD Candidate in International Relations and Comparative Politics at the University of Maryland with a concentration on political economy of the Middle East. Her dissertation, “From Oil to Offsets: Rentier State Innovation and the Endurance of Authoritarianism in the Middle East” examines how the region’s regimes are tapping into their trade with Western defense firms in order to secure new rents and deliver crucial patronage to pro-regime constituencies. Her work has appeared in the International Journal of Middle East Studies, Middle East Policy and Political Studies. Research interests include Comparative and International Political Economy, Middle East Politics, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Politics of Military and Security Institutions. Shana is a 2003 graduate of Hanover College.