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Lina Sergie Attar

An Interview with Hisham Matar

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On 22 August, the day Libyan rebel forces took Tripoli, acclaimed author and son of Libya, Hisham Matar, opened an impassioned essay with, “We got rid of Muammar Qaddafi. I never thought I would be able to write these words. I thought it might have to be something like: ‘Qaddafi has died of old age’; a terrible sentence, not only because of what it means but also the sort of bleak and passive future it promises. Now rebel forces have reached Tripoli, we can say we have ...

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Lina Sergie Attar


Lina Sergie Attar is an architect educated in Aleppo, Syria, with graduate degrees from Rhode Island School of Design and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has taught architecture, interior architecture and art history courses in Boston and Chicago. Lina is co-founder of Karam Foundation, NFP, a charity based in Chicago. She blogs at