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Momen El-Husseiny

The "Maspero Crime": Accounts Against the Counter-Revolution’s Power, Media, and Religion

[Caricature by Carlos Lattuf. From Twitter

At that point, I was alone, and so I began to walk back to Tahrir. Someone saw me tweeting and came to me. He asked me my name. So I said, “Hani Sobhi.” He then grabbed my wrists to see if I had a cross tattoo. And when he did not find one, he asked for my full name. I said, “Hani Sobhi Bushra.” He asked me if I was a Muslim or a Christian, and I said I was a Christian. Hani Bushra’s Facebook Testimony, 8:54 am, 9 October 2011 It was Sunday night, the 9th of October, when ...

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Momen El-Husseiny


Momen El-Husseiny is a PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley in Architecture with designated emphasis on Global Metropolitan Studies & Anthropology. He has lectured and given talks at Cairo University, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. He has been conducting research fieldwork since October 2010 in Cairo, where he became an activist in several grassroots movements. He has published work at several conferences & journals like, IASTE, and the Journal of Architectural Education. His doctoral work is about the political production of “Spaces of Exclusion,” housing and the internal spatial-agency dynamics of gated communities in Cairo. Other research interests include; Neoliberalism and space, architectural expression of cultural identity, and the geography of protests. Email: