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Selin Pelek and Foti Benlisoy


AKP's Passion For Kurds: Either You Belong to Me, Or to the Courts

[Individuals arrested as part of the KCK operations being transported. Image from unknown archive.]

The collective imprisonment of political figures who are expressing the desires of the Kurdish people is an old reflex of Turkey’s state tradition. Collective arrests that started in 1959 with the imprisonment of forty-nine Kurdish intellectuals turned into collective executions in the 1990s and now—in proportion to the Kurdish people’s political development during the tenure of the AKP [the governing Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi (Justice and Development Party) of Prime ...

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Selin Pelek and Foti Benlisoy


Selin Pelek works at Galatasaray University in Istanbul.

Foti Benlisoy is an author and activist based in Istanbul.